Books Read in July!!

July was an amazing month of reads, getting more books added to my reading challenge than I ever expected!  My typical goal for months usually is around 3-4 books, with me reading 3 most of the time, so when I say I read __ books, know that this is atypical and completely jaw dropping, and to make it better I loved all of them.  Helping with this jump in books read was the goodreads group I’m a part of (YA Buddy Reader’s Corner), and their monthly challenge, which centered around the #3, check the group out if you are on goodreads and see if you want to join.  Let’s get this list going!

Reading Goal: 7-8 books

Read: 14

  1. Mistborn by Brandon SandersonRating: 3/5
  2. Reawakened by Colleen HouckRating: 3/5
    • This was the book that blew me away after its one and only hurdle, which turned out to be its cliché rich girl living it up in NYC.  After that it becomes this adventure with an almost Egyptian god/demigod (I’m not sure the character was sure either), and while I don’t think it’s the most jaw dropping book of this group it was still fun to read, and a little addictive for me!
  3. Onyx and Ivory by Mindee ArnettRating: 5/5
    • This, and Warcross I think were my top new picks for the month with no control on my part when I read this.  If someone had asked me to do anything besides read when I was going at this book I might have said a very harsh no.  The characters were well written, the world had an edge from the beginning but still was explored in the way a fantasy novel only seems to, and I was gripped from the second this book started.
  4. The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca RossRating: 3/5
    • I think this one was a bit of a mix when it came to my experience with it, and the review I wrote.  It was an interesting read with a well rounded cast of characters, and I enjoyed it a lot.  There just was also a few things that seemed a little hard to ignore overall like how the time in her school was given this in-depth and careful attention, and then we get to the actual main plot (the bits in the synopsis) and it feels like you go through time skip after time skip.  It just felt a tad rushed.  Still loved it, just wished the middle could have been extended.
  5. Warcross by Marie LuRating: 5/5
    • This book is still providing a nasty book hangover after I read it like it was about to evaporate in my hands.  I love books that take place in the video game world, and this one was perfect in that regard.  It allowed you to nerd out, explored one of my world destinations in life: Tokyo, and dropped emotional bombs like it was nothing (excuse me while I need still obsess over that ending).  You sort of see what’s coming, but good god you try to say nope, won’t happen, please don’t happen.  Read it, love it, let’s obsess about it.
  6. Ash Princess by Laura SebastianRating: 3/5
    • Going into this book I was really excited, I love stories where it involves a crown and revenge.  Those easily keep my attention.  This book though seemed to have a hard time keeping me excited.  It was really good, but the emotion didn’t feel like it was there to me.  There was a romance but while the character gets interested in the boy there’s always a detachment even when we know she’s supposed to be making a hard choice between the boy you like and the country you love.  I might just have not been in the right mood for this, but for me it felt less than what I had expected of it.
  7. Paper Princess, Broken Prince, and Twisted Palace by Erin WattSeries Rating: 3/5
    • This series was all about that guilty read.  From the moment I picked it up in the store I knew it’d be a quick, easy read.  What I didn’t expect was to like it as much as I did, and still have reservations.  For one, the age suggestion on it is kind of nuts if you take in the suggestive/almost direct writing, and then the profession the character has in the very beginning.  I’m all for letting young girls know their body is their own, but I don’t think this book is quite meant to be for that age group.  Just my opinion.  The second bit, is that this does read like a soap opera, I kind of knew that coming in, but the drama just kept coming from some really weird places, and that school?  I know rich people get a bad rep, but kids taped to lockers half naked?  I have a hard time believing a school with fights, extreme bullying, etc. would stay in business very long.  Good read, just go in knowing you might be judging just a little.
  8. Steelheart by Brandon SandersonRating: 4/5
    • My second re-read of the year, and this time not just for the heck of it.  I finally picked up the second and third book of this series and remembered absolutely nothing.  In my defense I read this back in 2013, so that’s what, five years ago with nearly 100+ books in between?  It’s no wonder I didn’t remember anything.  Compared against Mistborn I think I liked this book more, it’s a little faster, and a little less work to start off with. Sanderson still writes his worlds in with a lot of detail, but this time the focus was definitely more on the characters, weapons, and bad guys, known as epics.  I still wouldn’t say this is the fastest of science fictions, but I am excited nonetheless to read the next two books and finally get further into the series!
  9. To All the Boys I Loved Before series by Jenny HanIncludes: To All the Boys I Loved Before / P.S. I Still Love You / Always and Forever, Lara Jean
    • Series Rating: 4.3/5
    • I actually only recently picked up these books at a mix of Target and Barnes and Noble since Target only had the first book.  Something in my gut told me I’d need to binge read this series, and I’m glad I got all three.  These books are cute, and fun, but still manage to get you real close to crying (I don’t cry very often).  The family; Lara Jean, older sister Margo, younger sister Kitty (Katherine), and their father make for a fun and interesting family.  What really made me love them though is that even during times of change for the family they all work to have each other’s backs.  Add into the mix a sister’s boyfriend that Lara Jean’s crushed on, a whole host of boys who got letters she never meant to send them and you have a very awkward, but entertaining situation to start off a really great series.  If you need a quick, fun read with some romance in it this one is definitely one of the best ones I’ve picked up!
  10. Bookish Boyfriends by Tiffany Schmidt
  • 3/5
  • This book was cute on all accounts and it revolves around pride and prejudice, so I was already set to like this book. The only reason it didn’t get a higher score is due to the beginning where it felt like we were setting up the quirkiness/clumsiness of the main character. I couldn’t personally relate but I got through it and the rest of the book picked up from there and got really interesting. They make it sound like it’s part of a series but I’ve yet to see anything related to this.

So, like I said above this was a jaw dropper of a month for my reading challenge, making me increase it to 50 to see if that would be even possible.  To keep up with it I also started a book review journal, jotting down my thoughts about the book/plot as I go (pictured below).  I still probably have a ways to go with my reviewing, so let me know if there is anything I’ve been leaving out that you want to see!  And if you want to see more reviews, I have a lot more books reviewed on Goodreads, albeit they may be a lot shorter and a little less in-depth.  Let me know in the comments your thoughts, and what books you read/enjoyed in July!

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