Reawakened Series by Colleen Houck Review

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Reawakened Series by Colleen Houck

Series Rating: 3 out of 5

Quick and Dirty: Fun and Quick, but maybe needed some more development?

This series has been an utter surprise for me, sure it has its negatives (detailed below), but if you set aside the extreme critic in all of us it can be a really fun series filled with Egyptian mythology, really hot guys, and lots of adventure.  If you enjoyed Percy Jackson this does seem to give off that vibe, at least when characters interact with the Egyptian gods, otherwise there is a bit more focus on relationships than the main character’s growth, or personal journey.  Overall, I did enjoy this trilogy and the love story it had us follow, but I would’ve liked to see a little more development for Lily both in introducing her, and then connecting some of the plot points toward the end of the series.  Below is a more in-depth look at each of the books, which means yes there will be spoilers possibly ahead (especially after book 1).

Reawakened (Book 1)

Pros: There are quite a few pros to take in within the first book of this series; the Egyptian mythology, the Adventure, and Amon being just a few.  There’s quite a bit about mythology in this book, which is where I got the Percy Jackson vibes from, Amon being a part of this portion of the plot.  I love reading these kinds of books since they combine fun storytelling with the known (or in the reader’s case; unknown) information gathered from mythology.  Is it wrong to enjoy learning while being entertained??  I guess that’s what brought around the adventure as a pro, Lily getting sucked into the whole quest Amon is on when he cannot do it himself.  And then we have Amon, besides his strange speech, he’s got the looks, the kindness, and the charisma to have an entire fan base at his disposal.

Cons: Lily, for me was a mixed bad, on one hand I like that she isn’t exactly jumping on board the whole ‘help the mummy’ thing, but on the other she is pretty cliche.  Let’s list the cliches, shall we?  She’s rich, but doesn’t care about money, her parents have made her a mini them and expect her to follow in their footsteps, she’s kind and caring, and oh gee this whole adventure is her first time going against her parent’s wishes.  Trust me when I say if I went by the first chapter this book would not be marked read, or even reviewed, but I went on, and I’m glad I did.   Another con would be Amon’s speech, I don’t know why but there are times where his old timey talk is just a bit heavy, and maybe even forced?

Overall: Every book in this series was given 3 stars, so it won’t change at all, but this book was perhaps my favorite of the three.  Once through the cliche hurdle, Lily and Amon’s adventure takes off and it does it in Egyptian style.  Houck clearly went through as much mythology as possible to bring out her surprises, and it kept me hooked, I wanted to see what their quest would bring each chapter, and I loved the struggles that develop between the two as they get to know each other better.  Definitely worth picking up and giving a try if you like Mythology stories, and need a quick, maybe guilty read.

Recreated (Book 2):

Pros: After the events of Reawakened I knew this next book would come in strong and bring us closer to the struggle with Seth, which it did pretty quickly.  Seth makes the perfect bad guy with “good intentions” with his need to do his job, while interpreting it much differently than any other God he worked with.  Other perks of this novel include the new prophecies that come to light pushing Lily on her path back into the world of Egyptian mythology.  Within this new quest we are also shown some of the ways that Greek and Egyptian mythology can overlap, which was an interesting thing for me.

Cons: Following Lily on her new quest, she undergoes a transformation, one that gets a bit hard to follow as you read.  Maybe if I re-read this it might make sense, but there is a point where the effect is revealed and I just sat back and went ‘whah?’.  Thankfully it wasn’t trippy like the scene in Beloved by Toni Morrison, but it was nonetheless pretty hard to follow.  A con that came up in this book also was in her interactions with the Gods, which occur much more frequently than the first novel.  When she talks with these beings who have been in charge of the known world forever she does so like she is in the Percy Jackson books, but for me at least this didn’t seem to be a good choice since we need to take these events pretty seriously.  It just felt like there was this comedic undertone when I would’ve liked to have seen a little more darkness.  very intimidating)

Overall: After the events of the last book, and the separation of Amon and Lily I was pumped for this book, and the possibilities of what lay ahead of these two.  This book though played with me, and my poor mind, not to mention my heart.  I like to think that a quick re-read could remedy the confusion I felt, and that it was an actual choice in writing/plot, but it just seemed to happen with very little hint as to what “it” was that was occurring.  We just got that explanation towards the end that resulted in the ‘whah?’ on my part.  I still enjoyed this, but I think it was my least favorite of the series if I had to name one.

Reunited (Book 3-Final):

Pros: Now that we’ve gotten through the hurdles of the last book it felt like our Sphinx girls were all on the same side, and page throughout this book, each working together as a team.  I’m still trying to get used to the whole Sphinx aspect, so this made me lean more towards Lily being in control, but slowly I’m liking all of them, and appreciating thier own personal struggles as being part of one body.  It made me appreciate being my own person, and not struggling over control with someone else (geez that sounds like multiple personality too much).

Cons: So, what were my cons this time around?  Memory loss was a big one.  It was alluded to in the ending of Recreated, and I can tell you I was not excited when I figured it out.  I’m not a fan of that kind of plot device, except when we are starting to learn with the character like with Jason Bourne.  In this case we already know about our character, and their world.  It’s not even like with Vampire Diaries where Elena turns off her humanity.  Nope, instead it’s because a character chooses to forget so that they don’t have to deal with losing something.  I have a hard time getting behind the idea of someone being able to make themselves to forget to that degree.  Sure, I know we can forget the details to an event if it’s traumatizing enough, but this was a bit much. The last thing I struggled with were some of the plot twists towards the end.  Most of them felt more like bunnies being pulled out of a hat than the amazing twists that come out of nowhere but still make sense, and make you want to kick yourself for not guessing.

Overall: For a final book this one felt a little lackluster for me, everything has escalated and the ending is approaching, and yet we start the book off with Lily having memory loss when it comes to anything related to Amon.  To some degree I can understand someone wanting to forget things especially when they fear losing it, but actual memory loss?  This one was an annoying start since we are going back through the learning process we’ve already been through, and every time Lily goes through a change she starts getting attracted to whatever brother is helping her at the time.  It doesn’t even hurt me emotionally anymore, I just get annoyed.  How Amon deals with knowing these things happen I have no idea, starting to sense some Gary Sue vibes from him after thinking that.

Another con that I kept hitting about halfway and then through the end was that most of the plot twists seem to be plucked out of thin air.  I’d blink and all of a sudden someone is explaining how a character was able to do something because of x,y, or z reason.  If you’ve got to explain to me how it happened it may mean the set up for that twist was not so good.  I think this last book kind of settled that guilty read feeling for me.  I still enjoyed it, but I started to pick things apart and came up with some pretty bad cons this time.  I’m going to say I’m glad I finished this, but I think this one had the makings for something so much more.


Have you ever struggled with liking something but knowing it was a bit of a mess?  If you’ve read this series, what were your thoughts on these issues?  If you liked this and want to see more content be sure to like, and don’t forget to subscribe and comment below!

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