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In light of the Queen of Air and Darkness release coming up on December 4th (It’s finally here!!!) I saw this tag and knew I needed to do it on my blog.  If you want to see the blog post I got it from you can go here: I hope you guys enjoy this, and let me know some of your answers to these questions as well, I’m really excited to post this!  Needless to say there are spoilers in this so if you are not up to date on Clare’s books you may want to steer clear of this post.

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Who is your favorite character from any of the books?

Will Herondale; there’s something about a character whose got the looks, the charm, the humor, but also needs his support system (aka Jem and Tessa).  Will is one of the few characters that can show off plenty of confidence but still have that self deprecating humor.  And that fear of ducks?  A definite and hilarious side bonus.

Who is your OTP?

I’m going to be real basic here and say Clary and Jace.  We went through some serious ups and downs throughout the main series, and I won’t lie, the Dark Artifices has my heart very worried, but I love this couple and how far they’ve come.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the couples and characters that come out of Clare’s works, but this one will always be the one that made me fall in love with the Shadowhunter’s universe.

Who is the sexiest shadowhunter in the series?

Well, oh god, this question is a lot harder than you’d think.  Can I just say both Jace and Will Herondale as a team?  I don’t think anyone could survive that, but it’d be worth it just to see them team up both to fight demons and be insanely hot together?  I don’t know why I wrote all of this in question format, I am so, so sorry internet world.

If you could have any shadowhunter last name, what would it be?

Fairchild or Herondale, they both have a nice ring to it.

Who is your favorite actor in the tv show?

-Here’s a small fascinating but probably upsetting fact about me; I actually don’t watch the show (don’t kill me, please).  While the movie wasn’t great, I still really liked the Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower (why do I love the middle name thrown in there??) versions of Clary and Jace, so I had a hard time adjusting, and there were so many differences from there with the books and the tv show that I just struggled to attach to the show.  If I had to choose an actor though it would be Matthew Daddario.

Who is your favorite actress in the tv show?

Emeraude Toubia, aka Isabelle Lightwood, though I’m starting to realize I just like all the actors for the Lightwood family.

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Would you rather hear Jace play the piano, play video games with Simon, Jem play violin, or read a book with Will?

Can I not just hang out with all of them?  If I had to choose I’d probably go with playing video games with Simon, he’s such a nerd that I think it’d be fun to be friends with him, and I love video games even if I’m not always good at them, so that would probably be a lot more fun for me than the others, sorry Will but I have a hard time doing read alongs.

If you could have one rune from the books, what would it be?

Maybe a rune for healing or strength, especially considering I don’t have much strength anyway.  Working retail was fun when you had to lift things for customers and they looked at you with some major concern.  To be fair I could lift things but I definitely don’t look it.

What Downworlder would you most want to be?

My instinct would be to say warlock, but I have some concerns with outliving my loved ones.  That just sounds horrifying to me, how any of these characters can even get through that amazes me.  Since I’ve nixed Warlock and immortality pretty much, I guess maybe werewolf?  They do have packs, and I like close knit groups.

The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, or Dark Artifices?

I actually tweaked this question since the original tag did not include the most recent series, and how can you leave it out?  In all honesty though, my answer will still be the Infernal Devices. Mortal Instruments was amazing, but I think that Clare has grown with her books, and Infernal Devices has been the one series ever that has had me in tears (I have a hard time crying with books for some reason), and that seems pretty hard to ignore, not to mention I just really connected with all of the characters, even the bad guys.

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Who is the most hated character for you in the series?

Tessa’s brother in Infernal Devices.  First off, he’s her brother, and what does he do?  He tries to set her up with the bad guy, and is the reason she ends up meeting the Dark sisters, who let’s be honest, no one wants to ever meet.  On the one bright note, he did help her meet Jem and Will, creating that great meeting scene between her and Will.  Past the bright note, though, I just couldn’t get over that her one family member in the country isn’t even considering her feelings/safety at all.  I’m sorry, but nope.

If you could spend a day with a character, who would it be?

Clary, I think we’d get along really well, both of us being creative types.  Maybe go hang out at art museums?  Get some frozen yogurt?  That, and I wouldn’t mind being taught how to wield some blades, and I feel like she’d be the best teacher out of the Shadowhunters (prob. the nicest at least).

Favorite Book?

Clockwork Angel, my favorite scene in it being Will and Tessa’s meeting, her threatening him with a vase.

What did you think of City of Heavenly Fire?

Well, it was a finale, and like all big finales I was being majorly tested.  My stress levels during this book were not good.  Does that answer the question?

Thing you are most looking forward to in the fandom?

In the closer future I’d say my edition of Queen of Air and Darkness arriving (Waterstone’s Edition!!!!!), but past that I’d say Last Hours.  I’ve needed some more Will, and this series has already been pushed back, so I’m struggling with the wait.

Worst Cliffhanger?

Clary and Jace being siblings!!!!!!!!  Like seriously, Valentine?  I was reeling after that was dropped, and not resolved in the same book.  My otp was in jeapordy, and I was not in a good place.

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Favorite Scene…. ever?

Ooops, I already answered this.  Will and Tessa meeting, besides the threat of the vase, I loved that really quick connection they make, and the chivalry of Will as he moves to get her out of that hell house.  What a super gentleman there.

Jem or Will?

Will, I like Jem, but the hurt Will went through and the fact that he still tried to have a happy facade for his friend just endeared him to me more.  He really did try to respect both Tessa and Jem, and that just made him even more amazing.

What scene/thing are you looking forward to in the Dark Artifices: Queen of Air and Darkness?

First, I’d really like to have a little more follow up on Jace and Clary.  I’ve been waiting on their happy ending, and now I feel like Clare is playing with me a little.  I just want them happy, Cassandra Clare!!

Second, I am ready to find out what will happen with Julian and Emma.  I need resolution now!

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If you could say something to Cassie, what would you say?

Thank you so much for writing all of these books, and continuing each character’s stories.  These have been the books that got me into YA, and kept my love for books alive, please just don’t hurt these characters, I don’t think I can survive that.  Thank you again!!

If you can play one character in the Mortal Instruments show, who would it be?

Clary?  Besides the lack of red hair, her love of art and best friends who are complete nerds I feel like she was always the easiest to connect to in the books.

So, what were your answers to these questions?  If you haven’t already done this tag, well now you are tagged!  Also, if you enjoyed this don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe!  Keep this blog alive, I am not an immortal warlock!

PS: keep an eye out for a later review of my Waterstones edition (whenever that book decides to grace my presence from across the great pond)

****I do not own any of these pictures, they are the newest covers of the Mortal Instruments series btw*****

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