Mime Order by Samantha Shannon Review

To start this off, I’m going to make it clear that this is a second book in the series known as the Bone Season.  If you weren’t aware this is your chance to look at my (really short) review for book one HERE (The Bone Season).  With that done, here’s the quick breakdown:

In book two of Bone Season, Paige and her allies (both of Sheol I and London) return to London, but they haven’t fully escaped the clutches of the Rephaim.  Nashira, their leader, has power in London, and quickly sets out to track down all those who’ve escaped.  Paige now looks to her London allies for help, but the underworld voyant society has its own troubles and would label her crazy if she spoke the truth of her disappearance.  To save her friends and all clairvoyants, Paige must toe the line between just staying alive and obtaining the ability to save everyone.

That’s essentially the quick and dirty synopsis without slamming you guys with spoilers.  One of the things I’ve started to notice with this series is that it is pretty underrated.  It’s same level as Throne of Glass (Sarah J Maas), and Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo), another title that deals in underworld societies/dealings a little, but doesn’t seem to come up on my feeds nearly as much.  To put this in perspective, Bone Season has around 7000 reviews, while Throne of Glass has 35000, and Six of Crows 25000.  Bit of a massive difference there, which is interesting given Shannon’s new book, Priory of the Orange Tree, has been getting a lot of publicity.  Bonus Stat: Kingdom of Ash has 6000+ reviews and its only been out a month and is the last book in its series (most people typically review just the first couple of books in a series).

Book Rating; 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Book Outreach: This isn’t really a con of this book, but I’m still bothered by how little of hear of this series.  So, why would such a great book/series only be getting 7000 reviews?  Well, sometimes it just has to do with initial outreach.  I personally heard about the first book on booktube by littlebookowl, but never heard about it again.  It’s honestly a miracle I picked it up and tried it out.
  • Slow Start: The reason this book is getting a 4.5 star rating is mostly due to the beginning.  I read Bone Season in May or June of this year, so it hasn’t been a long long time between books, but boy did it take me a bit to get back into the swing of this story and world.  The events/action can be intense, and the plot is like quicksand, pulling you in and not letting you go, but you do have to be somewhat patient (I’m not this time of year).


  • Clairvoyants: I haven’t read a lot in this vein of fiction, and likely won’t find anything like this book.  That makes it unique, and Shannon makes this even better with how she structures this group based on perspective.  Different groups look at clairvoyants in different ways, even within the clairvoyant underworld there are different views on which voyants are strongest or best.  A little confusing at first, but nonetheless addictive.
  • Well Written action / Deep plot that builds by book:  The one thing that I’ve noticed in this book versus the first is just how much plot building Shannon has done.  As we delve deeper into the story the bad guys get bigger, allegiances change, and you never quite know how everything will end up.  That’s how books are supposed to go, but not every writer does this perfectly, Shannon on the other hand, did a fantastic job of keeping readers on their toes, and making the story gripping.
  • Complex Characters / Well Developed Bad Guys:  Every character in this book seems to be given a chance to show who they are, and what they can bring to the table.  This book seemed to showcase quite a few bad guys/villains, and honestly I didn’t mind.  Most are in the vein of bad bad, but a few you can see some good in them, but they just can’t help themselves.  Those just hurt me.
  • Flawed Protagonist: Paige isn’t perfect and she shows it.  She’s prejudiced against other characters, and Shannon does a great job bringing this to light, weaving moments of realization into the plot, and having Paige not only learn from them, but also mold herself into someone better/stronger.  Her plans don’t always go her way, one even going horribly wrong, and her relationships get messy as the plot progresses, but it’s clear these are important to her growth.  It’s great isn’t it?  Perfect imperfections are my favorites to see!


This was a great book, deserving attention and a chance to be on your shelves.  Shannon does an excellent job bringing to life her futuristic world of clairvoyants, and making us suck in every detail of it and her characters.  This was the best unexpected series of this year or any year!


****I do not own the pictures used in this post***

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