Books Read in December

I thought November had been busy, but December came in like a serious wrecking ball.  I don’t think I’ve struggled as much as I have this month any time before.  Between getting ready for the holiday and work keeping me late my reading time disappeared.  I’m hoping next year I’ll get all of this under control and rock my reading challenge again, maybe even hit a higher number read?  How did you guys do on your challenge?


  • The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon
    • I did actually finish this book this month, finally getting back into the Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon.  Holy cow, I still can’t believe how her books can leave you feeling like everything is coming apart at the seams.  Poor Paige, and poor Warden.  This book also makes question some of the fictional relationships that are built on one individual being millennia old, I always root for them, but out of context of the book it sounds so creepy.  Does anyone else get that vibe in the back of their mind?
  • The Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel (Vol. 1) by Cassandra Clare and Cassandra Jean
    • I am a sucker for the Cassandra Clare graphic novels, and the Mortal Instruments ones are so pretty!!!  I realized pretty early on I was likely not going to finish Queen of Air and Darkness before the New Year, so voila!  Here is a book to get me to 60, and it was both really fun to see my favorite series and get to the end of my unofficial goal of 60 books for the year.


In progress: (I’ve been bad, and this season was busy)

  • Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare
    • I still can’t believe I finally have this book in my hands, especially since it took so long to clear customs (I was so close to just getting another copy from good old B&N but I’m glad I didn’t, I have zero room on my Cassie Clare shelf for that.  The book is really good so far, I just have been having a hard time having time to sit down and read a mammoth sized book.  Life is hard, but I’m still optimistic for the new year?!


So, how did everyone do with their reading challenges for the year?  I’m still amazed I hit the amount of books that I did.  The question of course will be if I can repeat it in 2019, but time can only tell.  I’m starting to work on my next posts for January, one of which is a little bit of a breakdown of my Goodreads challenge for 2018, and new goal for 2019, so stay tuned for that.  I’ll put this on a poll for Instagram, but what would you guys rather see for that post; a full breakdown by book with the star rating/review link, or a quick overview of my favorites of the year?

Happy New Year, and congratulations to all those who met their challenges/goals for the year.!


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