The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright Book Review

This was one of the books I had been looking forward to getting for Christmas half of last year.  With my reading challenge full swing, and a stack of books I had to get through I was sure that I would go straight to this book if I had tried to buy it myself.  I’ve always had a weakness for stories that involve royalty or nobility, there’s just something about them.  This one is pretty straight forward when it comes to the contemporary romance genre in my opinion, many of the twists predictable, but I still enjoyed even as I sat back and guessed exactly what would happen/how it would happen.

The one shock the book did give me was that it was first person, for some reason I was not expecting that, and I almost shut the book out of my usual worries for how first person can go down; either really great or painfully awkward to read.  The one spoiler from that?  This one was actually not bad, and while it took a few pages to adjust, the main character was one that it wasn’t too hard to get accustomed to her and agreeing with her.  So, let’s break this down:

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


For me at least, one of the highlights was that there was that royalty, nobility twist that had gotten the book to my shelves in the first place.  It’s hard to deny a good nobility story, especially when you hear about William and Kate, and Meghan and Harry.  Add to it that it’s a story that takes place in England, and you just have me sold.  The UK is one of my favorite and most loved destinations in the world.

The second pro of this is that like any contemporary I’ve read in the last years it is cute.  When relationships go well, the moments are sweet, and the lines, while corny, are no less cute to read.  Combined with the UK tour, and the nobility this was a fun, quick read.


So, what were the cons of this fun, quick book?  For one, it was somewhat predictable to me, and I’m the type to miss things, so for some this could be a major eye roll situation.  You mostly know what’s going to happen to begin with since the synopsis covers the majority of the story, leaving very little to the imagination.  I think in the end there was maybe a little twist I didn’t see coming, but it sort of felt like a technicality than being wrong?

The second thing that had me hesitating on the review for this book was the first person point of view, which for a bit towards the end I was able to overlook/forget how strange it was for me, but overall it was jarring to begin with before it became tolerable.  I’m not one for seeing someone’s thoughts written out, especially when it’s gushing about boys then telling us how upset they are when the boy messes up.  It just makes the drama too dramatic, I think that’s one of the main reasons I pull for third person so much.  It allows so much more to be taken in, and allows you to form your own opinion not just on the main character, but also on those they interact with.

One of the last things that just bugged me was that the main antagonists we are introduced to in the beginning felt flat.  She simply came across as the rich mean girl, just a title added in.  I know that cliches happen in real life and that it represents to some extent an actual person that exists, but it’s done so often.  From the beginning she targets the main character, out for blood, and for what reason?  She doesn’t have a title.  It’s pretty simple logic, and and limits the character honestly.  I just would have liked to have seen either a little more on this character, or at least some growth at some point.


Overall, this was a great quick read, I read it in less than a day, and enjoyed it.  I always enjoy a good contemporary that makes you swoon after the guy, and get sucked into the relationship.  There were a few things that gave this book a bumpy start for me, but it kept me engrossed, and allowed me a good chance to get ahead on my reading challenge, so I really can’t get caught up in the cons on this book.


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