The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren Book Review

Recently I’ve had to go back to job hunt, which is just taxing both in time and energy.  There are times where I just feel a little lost, and in need of a cheer up, queue a romantic comedy.  Part of me feels like it was meant to be since it was the first book I saw on Instagram, and the cover alone had me feeling a bit brighter with it.  I went out that Friday to my local B&N and picked up it and Again, but Better.  To be honest, this was the best reading weekend I’ve had in a while.  I was laughing and feeling one with the books, which I haven’t had for a few books.  If you feel like you need something happy to get you going, a romantic comedy seems to do the trick for me, and the Unhoneymooners didn’t disappoint.  To make a note, this is outside of the Young Adult Category, so there are adult themes.


The Unhoneymooners follows Olive and Ethan, sister of the bride, and brother of the groom as they get pulled along in the great big wedding.  Olive’s twin sister, Ami is the ultimate coupon and winner of contests, so the wedding and honeymoon are all won or gotten at as good a discount as possible.  For most of the wedding this seems to go really well, and save her and the parents money, well at least barring the bright green bridesmaids dresses (and those can get bad at a cost anyway) and the seafood bar.  Olive having an allergy to seafood and Ethan just not trusting a buffet are the only ones who don’t partake, and dodge a seriously bad case of food poisoning.  Beyond suffering from the food poisoning her sister and new brother in law have to figure out a way to salvage the non refundable/non transferable honeymoon.  Their scheme is to have Ethan and Olive go in their place, and the rest of course is amazing drama (eyebrow wag).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

After the string of 3 star reviews I just put out, it feels strange throwing in a 5 star review without feeling like maybe I’ve gone back to my old ‘love it, 5 star it’ phase.  To be fair, this book was really good, and it didn’t make it a challenge getting into it, maybe that’s just the fantasy reader in me having been through that.  From the first page this book had me going ‘oh, man!’  The characters are each given a lot of attention, especially for a rom com (Hallmark, anyone??), Unhoneymooners follows the typical set up, with the trope of hate to love, but everyone in this story is prone to a mess-up and a moment of retribution.  Well maybe except a few minor characters introduced during the Hawaii bit.

The one bit I loved is Olive’s support group, its a large and closely connected family.  When Olive is going through rough times it isn’t just her twin who pulls her out of the darkness, but the whole family.  The cousins show up and cook, and even if she isn’t up to eating she’s getting a freezer full of goodies.  While that wouldn’t be good for any diet in the long term, I won’t lie I really want my family to come do that.  It also really makes me want the close knit feel, since I don’t see my own cousins very often anymore, it’s not as big of a thing in my circles.  From the very beginning this family is a big component of why this book works as well as it does.  Add in the room full of them getting sick and while you are grossed out to the nines it is also alarmingly hilarious as Olive is evading projectile ____ (you know what the blank is).

I am a sucker for a good romance, and this book hits it right on the peg.  The main relationship of the book is really well developed, the hatred built on some small, but albeit pretty understandable first impressions.  Let’s be real first impressions are a messy business, and if we don’t talk through some of the things that happen in life, we humans can be a judgey and moody lot.  We can also misinterpret things really easily when we only look through a certain kind of lens we have for specific people.  You don’t like a person, it definitely skews everything you think of their actions.  What is really interesting is that the book builds off the hate and it opens up to quite a few things coming out of the woodwork.  It was hard to get disinterested in this book with all of the drama that would come up, or the cute little moments that would occur.  I really needed a happy ending book, and wow this helped de-stress me so much.

Does anyone else use certain genres to cheer them up?  Let me know in the comments, and let me know what you thought of this book?  Great Rom Com or meh?  Thank you for reading!!

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