A Treason of Thorns by Laura E Weymouth {ARC Review}

I don’t often get to say that I’ve received an advanced reading copy, which makes this post in itself special. Thank you so much to Epic Reads for the free copy, and giving me the opportunity to be a part of this book’s beginning!

Getting into the synopsis of Treason of Thorns, Violet Sterling has been raised to be the next Caretaker if her family’s great house, Burleigh, a home and a magical being. Since she was small her father had taught her to always put the house first, above love, country, King, and Violet was always the perfect student and daughter. That is until her father is accused of treason after trying to take Burleigh’s deed from the King. Her father is then sentenced to house arrest until the house eventually is forced to kill him, and Violet is exiled, forced to not only leave her only home, but abandon it when it is already weakened. Only years later does she get the chance to find out what happened to her father, and try to save her Burleigh before the King will torch it. Can she save her great house before it’s too late? Does she truly know her house as much as she remembers or has the confinement set Burleigh down a path of pain and destruction?

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

So, this book has some nerve wracking moments, but google’s description of it being dark doesn’t really fit for me. That was my only negative about the book, because honestly I really enjoyed this take on nobility, inheritance, and the rift between nobility and the King.

Weymouth did a great job of personifying these inherited homes, and showing that while it sounds great on the surface, the homes can easily turn dark, sending its real life inhabitants into bankruptcy, Treason, and other sad ends in order to keep them up. If you’ve ever been interested in castles and their history there’s a really good series with Dan Jones that looks at their history from creation through even ww2. While Burleigh isn’t in danger financially, it is losing stability and impacting the countryside it’s been in charge of taking care of. It also faces destruction as the King gives Violet a short timeline to rein the house in or watch it burn.

One of the surprises with this novel was also that it’s a stand alone historical fantasy. Most of these stories typically end up being a series, so I was starting to worry that this would end on a cliffhanger, but was instead greeted with a nicely tied up ending. If you’ve been needing a break from your series this is definitely a great pick up.

Between the three leads, Violet, Wyn, and Burleigh (house) there is some very well done character development, though I would’ve liked to have seen more for the side characters, but this is a standalone, so I’ll curb my expectations on that one. I think all in all, this was an easy, enjoyable read that had me wondering how it would all end. It kept me intrigued, and had me guessing up until the end. Fully recommend to anyone who enjoys a more mystery solving type of fantasy!

Have you heard about this book or read it? Let me know in the comments below! Interested in getting the book? Treason of Thorns releases next Tuesday, 9/10, and can still be preordered!

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