The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern {Book Review}

I feel like since I’ve started the blog, more often than not I’ve been the one recommending books left and right, which is what makes this book review special. Yes, I got a dose of my own medicine; a book rec that hooked me! I got a great recommendation from a friend who I’m pretty sure will see this and tell me, ‘about time’. Would she be right? Yep. Night Circus is far from a new release so I’m a little shocked how long it took me to pick this one up.

The Night Circus is a multiple character story, beginning with Celia and Marco as a game is initiated between them through their guardians. Though the rules are never told to them, nor their opponent (each other), they know that there will come a time and a place where they will have to compete magically. The Night Circus begins their competition as they compete in their magical creations, until it affects not just themselves, but all those in the circus. How will the game end? Who will be the victor? What will be the cost?

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Are you really surprised by the above? I’m going to be honest here and say that this book turned me into an antisocial person on a holiday weekend. I really wanted nothing more than to sit, read, and find out what would happen next. Thanksgiving cooking? Please, just one more chapter! Work on a puzzle? Come on, it’s getting too good. Yes, that was me, though I still had a great family filled holiday, even with the reading addiction.

I’m not often into books that go over large expanses of time, or multiple character pods, but Morgenstern did an excellent job of pulling me in, and making me go along with the concept until I was fully on board. If you’ve ever read my reviews before, you know that that’s hard, since multiple pots have brought down ratings on here, because so often it causes issues with getting attached to all the characters. Game of Thrones about broke me one year. So, what did Night Circus do so well that others didn’t? In the beginning not much. We start off with Celia as a child, and then jump to the next character. If that was all I had to go off of, I would have been worried. Instead, we are introduced to the game between her and Marco, even as they have no idea the parameter of the game, or even whom they are up against. The game itself is what drives the plot and keeps the novel moving even as we are jumping from pov to pov, outlining the importance of each character, and drawing you in.

My favorite characters were still Celia and Marco, but I think this was one of those few novels that had me fully enjoying each pov, and getting hooked. I think overall my favorite part of this book was the pull of the game and the absolute need to find out how it would end. I just couldn’t wait to see what would happen. I still need to read Caraval, so I can’t relate it to that, but if you are looking for a book with magic, mystery, danger, and lovable characters then look no further! This one will definitely be getting added to a recommendation post sometime in the near future!

What were your thoughts on the Night Circus? How bad was I in not getting to this book until now? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Yeeesss finally!! And I am so so so SO glad that you loved it! It’s definitely a 5/5 for me too and it was the first ever book I bought at full price back in 2012, when I got my first job. It is just so good! This book definitely changed how and what I read – it really raised my standards. It was the first adult book I read after going off to college so it’s quite special to me. The multiple POV and multiple main character concept was also something I had to get used to but, oh man, it just makes the story complete; otherwise, there would be plot holes and you’d always be left wondering more about a certain character.
    I also love Celia and Marco — they might just be my ultimate OTP in books (that ending still gets me! So bittersweet). Best side characters have to be Poppet and Widget. Widget’s tent of bottles and jars is probably my favorite one in the circus, aside from the tent of stars at the entrance. *sighs wistfully* I can go on and on about this book so if you ever want to have a full conversation or gush about the story, just message me on FB 😉

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    1. Celia and Marco definitely sold me on this book, I was waiting for their parts and how they would eventually confront each other! I’m still really surprised how easily I got into the multiple pov, it’s very out of character for me, but I was hooked on this book. Omg, that tent of bottles! Besides the few that were a touch disturbing, I like the idea of reliving happy memories like that, and it’s pretty realistic since we can remember things by smell anyway. We may be talking about this one down the line quite a bit!


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