Goodreads Challenge 2020

We’ve closed out 2019 successfully and are now off to a new year! So what does that mean for me in Goodreads world? Hopefully achieving another year of good reading! Given how busy last year was and the big things coming this year I’m thinking a soft number of 50 books would be a good idea. Hoping that doesn’t backfire as the year progresses.

Other than my Reading Challenge Goal, it’s going to be a year of:

-Reviewing every book I read

-Going to Yallfest in November (Ya’ll don’t even know how badly I’ve been waiting for this one) Let’s just say it’s either been money, timing, or other events messing with me and my friend.

-Getting my Hands on more ARCs (it’s exciting and good for the blog – who could argue with that?)

-Getting Instagram back on a schedule (Has anyone noticed how bad I’ve been on social media this last year? I’m a little ashamed at how little I’ve posted)

-Listen to an Audiobook (Yes, I am that unfortunate soul that has not listened to an audiobook – I’ll rectify this either before or during the road trip to Charleston)

-Work on taking more Book Photos (I started off well in 2019, but 2020 will hopefully be the year of more actual photos from me)


What are your book goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments below!

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