Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke Cohen {Book Review}

Given how slow a start my reading challenge has gotten this year, I was needing a quick pick me up from my favorite Barnes and Noble. I already knew going in what book I was wanting, and it was of course, Dangerous Alliance. I was promised Jane Austen Romance, dark mystery, and a hard to put down plot, all of which was delivered!

Dangerous Alliance like said above is a fresh take on the Jane Austen style of romance, with a very dark plot line. In this novel we have Vicky Aston, who like all Austen heroines is perfectly happy in her daily life, and in no real rush to hop into the marriage market of the time; the season. All her current troubles involve her country lifestyle and her past friend who has recently returned, yet also avoided her. Everything changes though when she is suddenly attacked on one of her rides around the estate and her sister’s sudden return home. Life as she’s known it begins to unravel as someone’s dark plots begin to push her on a dangerous and fast course to marriage in order to save her family.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

I fell in love with this novel from the very beginning, mostly due to how Vicky is written. It really was like reading a Jane Austen (at least from my Pride & Prejudice experience), she’s true to her time, and yet still managing to be feminist. Cohen did a great job of keeping Vicky believable with this concept as Vicky follows society’s rules for the most part. Don’t get me wrong she is wearing pants in the first scene, and has no determination to find a husband (which during that time determined your standing in society and sanity a little), but she’s a)not planning to be near anyone while in said pants, and b) seems perfectly okay being a spinster and living her life. I have to admire that in the character, and the author for keeping to Austen’s style and time.

I think the main thing that had me bringing the score down a little was Vicky’s need to go and compare her life to Austen’s characters a little too constantly. I get when she’s dreamily thinking of life with a man she’s been seeing, but every time something goes wrong?? It’s like oh hey, I got attacked, why isn’t my life like Elizabeth Bennet’s more? Hmmm, might start with the why are you being attacked?? I just wanted to reach into the book and make this character sit back for a moment and say maybe now isn’t the best time to make book analogies. Other than that I was inhaling this novel, and basking in the fact that it was a stand alone. I am always a fan of a book that grabs you and also gives you a nice, sturdy ending. It’s like a movie but on paper (or is a movie like a stand alone book?).

All in all, this one is definitely being added to my favorite stand alones list the next time I post that. If you enjoy Jane Austen, YA, and dark plots this book is definitely worth picking up, it also doesn’t hurt that you aren’t diving into a series!


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