Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella {Book Review}

During my contemporary romance craze last year I picked up I’ve got your Number by Sophie Kinsella, and loved it. Needing a pick me up, I went and grabbed another Kinsella novel to see if we could repeat the enjoyment. Now that I’ve read my second Kinsella, let’s look at what I thought.

Starting with what the book is about, Wedding Night is a different take on contemporary romance as Lottie goes to lunch with her boyfriend, knowing that he is planning to propose. It has been the moment she’s been waiting for all along, but it all goes horribly wrong as he announces that he’ll be going on a big career based trip, not asking her to marry him. Wondering if she’ll ever get to that stage with him, she breaks up with him, and decides to focus only on a relationship with marriage at the end. When she runs into an old flame from her college years it feels like fate, both of them leaping at the opportunity to tie the knot to someone who they’ve loved. What could go wrong?

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

This one wasn’t as good as I’ve got your Number for me, mostly it felt less relatable. Even with Hallmark films there’s a sense of maybe it could happen (Not necessarily referring to the princess style ones here). In this case though the plot hinges on a a huuuuuge lapse in judgement and an emotional breakdown, so relatability goes down quite a lot. It feels like we are supposed to go, yeah breakups are rough, who knows what you could do, in reaction to Lottie’s decisions, but it didn’t happen for me. Instead, it felt more like I was judging her and siding with the sister in the beginning.

Getting past the relatability of the scenario, I still really enjoyed this novel. The craziness and speed with which everything goes down keeps you glued, and wondering how it’ll all work out. The characters were really well developed, minus maybe one or two, and had great moments of growth. I was actually stopped short on one of those moments, and forced to question why I was supporting one character over the other when they both were being crazy. I think in the end, it was good, but maybe not my cup of tea? It was a whole lot of crazy, and a lot less relatability, making it hard for me to get on board. I’ll definitely try another Kinsella novel after this, but this won’t be on a recommended list.

Have you read Wedding Night? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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