Top 5 Easy Romance Reads

While quarantine is a new version of spring for me and everyone, spring typically has been one of the seasons where I read the most contemporary romances. I’m not really sure what causes this, but it usually starts with one book and develops into a whole stack by the end of the summer. Whatever the reason, I have steadily been reading more romance novels in the last couple of years, enough to start a decent top five. I’m still working on finding more, so this list was harder than I had originally though since there are a couple authors that I stick to rather than a wide variety of authors.

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

    • I think it’s now been two years since I went and got the first book. If it had just stopped at the first book it of course wouldn’t be on this list, but I ended up going back to Barnes & Noble just to get the next two. That was how addictive this trilogy was, and just how much fun it was to read. It wasn’t one of those deeply dramatic romances, instead you have Lara Jean who is thrown into a situation I don’t think the typical person would experience. All the love letters she wrote to the few boys she’s liked over the years are mailed out, and start a series of run ins. In this series, I shipped Peter and Lara from the moment they started pretend dating.
    • B24D49F6-E638-4864-BA2C-E289CD749FE1
  2. The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

    • This was one of the authors I mentioned sticking to, it all began with the Unhoneymooners and spiraled into two or three more of their books. Yes, it is an author duo with the author name being a combo of their two names. I think overall, the Unhoneymooners remains my favorite of theirs so far (though they do have a new one out this year) with its crazy beginning, and summer beach romance, it just grabbed me and had me laughing throughout. It’s been hard finding novels that picked up as quickly as that one did, and have you laughing/oohing even during the scene where everyone gets food poisoning (yes that does happen).
    • 81waq3Kg2zL
  3. I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

    • This was the second author that managed to catch my attention, though the second book I read after this was a miss for me. I’ve Got Your Number though was a great mix of crazy events, relationships both good and bad, and strong female characters. I was definitely caught in the plot as you watch Poppy lose her engagement ring, and then have her cell phone stolen right out of her hand on the street. These are still crazy events typical to romance stories, but there’s a feeling of these could happen in real life, maybe just not all at once. This one was a mix of crazy, drama, and sweet moments that had me hooked. I have yet to find the next Sophie Kinsella book to inhale, but I will given time.
    • 71Wzvi0N+0L
  4. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

    • It’s been a while since I read this one, but I think this was where contemporary romance became a thing on my shelves. I know I read this before the movie came out, so I could see the movie like a good reader would. What I didn’t see coming was how invested I would be in this series. I started with book one and went back to the store for books one and two when I realized I couldn’t wait for what happened next. This kind of binge reading is when I’m happy to come into a series late, since I can just grab the next books and not stew in a book hangover. Doesn’t always work like that, but it is nice when you can just keep going and not wait. These books are filled with extravagance, luxury, drama, and of course romance.
    • 9CBBCEDE-32DF-4928-9434-1CC95C40A20A
  5. I Believe in a thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

    • The last book on this list hadn’t been on my radar until I went to a local book festival, and met the author in person. Goo was talking about her book, her love of Korean Dramas, and I was taking in every word. I definitely did not regret driving for a good hour or so for the panel, nor did I regret picking up this book. It’s  a stand alone contemporary romance where the main character, Desi, has always been a planner, but struggles with flirting or interacting with guys she likes. In an attempt to fix this issue, she creates a plan straight out of one of her favorite dramas in order to capture the attention of her latest crush. If you love k-dramas, love, and crazy drama this book is a perfect quick romance to read!
    • AC971AF6-1BDE-46FA-9E4C-D591D65BD225


This is the current list of my favorite romance reads, so I hope maybe we have some books in common, or that there are more for me to add to this list in the future! What are some of your favorite romance novels? Let me know in the comments below!


Side Note? We’ve reached the first milestone on this blog with 50 followers! I want to thank everyone who’s taken an interest in this blog, and here’s to hoping to many other great milestones in the future! I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this quarantine, and that you find a great book to make everything better. 🙂


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