Fairyloot March: Break the Curse Box

Let’s start this one out by saying there will be spoilers ahead for the box. If you are still waiting on your March box to arrive and are worried about knowing what’s in it beforehand, please stop reading this post now. Now that that message has been given, let’s get into this fun and exciting box!

When I started this year, there were five books I had listed as being my most anticipated reads for the year. Three of them dropped on March 3rd making me panic and rejoice at the same time. These three I decided I would splurge on for once, and test out some collector’s editions that would be releasing. The first two you have already seen my reviews on; House of Earth and Blood, and Chain of Gold. The third I ordered the Fairyloot box in order to get; a risk, but one that would be worth it. I literally read the synopsis of the book for the month and knew it had to be Bone Crier’s Moon! Let’s get into my thoughts on the Fairyloot box and all the goodies inside it!

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

March Theme: Break the Curse

Item 1: Notepad

Possibly the one piece not connected directly to one book, this one is cute and already helping me keep up with my breaking down the blog schedule. I’m constantly jotting down scheduling ideas during my workday, bits and pieces here and there, so a small notepad that stands out on the desk is a good thing to have. I would have liked more space to write on it, but the design is eye catching and a fun nod to the theme, Break the Curse.


Item 2/3: Heartless Passport Sleeve / Heartless Lanyard

I still haven’t read Heartless, though it is on my shelves. For now, I’ll blame the spine which creaks a lot. I’m not usually hesitant to read a book, but that creak messes with me every time. Considering I haven’t read this one, these aren’t really my favorite of the items, but I can admit the design and color of these are very nice, and make me want to read the book. Maybe this will be what I need to get me reading this one.


Item 4: A Curse So Dark and Lonely Book Sleeve

I’m really glad this came in the book box! I’ve been waiting to get a book sleeve like the book beaus for traveling with my books, and I finally have one. It isn’t one of the largest, so I’ll have to find one down the road for the larger of my books, but honestly it’s the paperbacks that I typically fear for in my bag. I love the colors on this one, and the cushion to it, so it will definitely be getting used on my next trip.


Item 5: Raven Cycle Headband

I feel like I might be stepping in it to say this but the Raven Cycle Quartet isn’t one of my favorite series out there. That said, this is still a really cute headband, and I’ve already used it to keep my hair under control during this no haircut period.


Item 6: Queen of Nothing Tumbler

This has been my favorite piece (besides the book of course), between it being based on Holly Black’s latest series, and being perfect for my Quarantine Iced Coffee. I’ll have to post a picture of it with coffee inside on Instagram when I get a quiet moment since an image of it empty doesn’t quite do it justice. It isn’t dishwasher safe (most tumblers aren’t), but it’s the perfect size and a quote that makes me laugh. I feel like I’ve conquered my need for iced coffee finally.


Item 7: Throne of Glass Tarot Cards

Since this is my first Fairyloot, these are the only tarot cards in my book collection. ย The fact that these are Throne of Glass characters makes this a great beginning since I am a big fan of Sarah J Maas’ books and characters! Without confirmation of characters from Fairyloot, I’m pretty certain these are Aedion, Lysandra, Chaol, and Yrene, let me know if this is right.


Item 8: Bone Crier’s Moon Book, Art,

This is the most exciting part of the box for me since Bone Crier’s Moon has been one of my highly anticipated releases for the year! Altogether this was a great purchase just on the special edition of the book and what came with it. This special edition has sparkly green sprayed edges, it’s signed, and the there is art on the back of the dust jacket (I’ll try to get a good photo of this for Instagram). Fairyloot also includes fan art of the main characters, ย as well as a Fairyscoop booklet on the Book and author. This was definitely the main event of the book box!



Even with a few fandoms not being at the top of my list this was a really exciting box to go through and it had some high quality items. I’m already figuring out how to get some for my birthday as a gift to myself. Maybe they might even do another exciting release in September? Have you gotten a Fairyloot box before? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, and please like/follow if you enjoy these posts!


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