The 2 Month Reading Challenge

As hinted to in my June TBR, I’ve been struggling with reading ever since quarantine began and I started working from home. In the beginning I thought I had it all under control, but slowly it’s become distracted reading instead of the crazed reading I’ve known in the past. While I’m working on digging into building my business and my capabilities for it, I also want to work hard on getting my act together for the blog; reading, writing, social media, and planning. It’s going to be a little crazy while I get this going, but I knew if I was going to put any drive into part of my life, why not go all in and tackle something I love as well?

This is where we cue the typical reading challenge, except this one is a special push for me to catch back up on the existing goodreads challenge (boy are we behind). The plan? Read fifteen books between June and July to bring my total books read for the year to 31. June will likely be the hardest since I typically read about three books a month max, and I’ll be doing five. July on the other hand will be a make or break as I push for the other ten. Why 10 in July? Well, I’m taking a week off to just chill and relax. It sounds magical in a regular year, and in 2020 it’ll be like a true escape from the four walls of my room. Escaping has never sounded so good. There’ll still be social distancing, but just leaving the house even for a day will be awesome!

I’m still deciding which books to read beyond the few I marked on my June tbr, so there won’t be a list of books for this. I’ll check back in on the challenge in my typical monthly update posts as well as a finale post at the end of July with the whole list of books read! How are you doing with your reading challenge? Want to join me on my mini readathon? Comment below!

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  1. Yes, let’s get back to reading! šŸ˜Š I’m actually on track with this year’s goodreads reading challenge mainly because I lowered it to only 12 books in the very beginning. Now, that I am done with my exams I plan on getting some books from my local libraries for the summer next week. šŸŒž Happy reading!

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