Lowdown On… Traveling with Books

I really debated on posting this one given the current state of a lot of travel plans still. If you live in the US like me it mostly varies state to state when it comes to quarantine, the level, and the measures being taken as far as social distancing. I still am not a fan of the current saying, “the new normal”, mostly because quarantine is not meant to be normal, nor will we all continue to be the same or do the same things that we did in quarantine, we might continue with a few, but things change and hopefully for the better. Regardless of travel plans, traveling anywhere, whether we are just talking about going to a park, school, or even just having a book with you on the off chance of reading, comes with a struggle.

Now, if you are a lover of e-readers, audiobooks, or really thin mass market paperbacks this might not be as much of a struggle, unless you really don’t like having even a small bag in some cases. Maybe though, we’ve all run into that moment where your current read impacts your bag choice, other items in the bag, or even whether to take the book at all. So what do you do?

That question for most people, would lead to them saying just leave the book, but is that always an option? Is it an option you even want to consider? I’ll be honest, most times when I’m going out now I actually don’t take a book with me, but it’s mostly because I’m typically on the move and only slow down when I’m back home with the books. On the occasions though where I’m out with no control over my schedule I do take the current read along with me, and most times the typical purse works, but I did definitely run into some problems when I read Queen of Air and Darkness. The Cassandra Clare books have steadily gotten a lot bigger over the years, so fitting one of these into any purse can be a hassle, and even if they fit are pretty heavy. I think with that book I minimized what was in my bag quite a bit, and even then the purse hurt my shoulder. Other solutions when it comes to being on the go with your books are book sleeves like the book beau, offering some protection for books from the smallest to the largest.

So what do you do when you travel on vacation or work trips? Most times I pick and choose books over a good week, weighing the stories against one and another. Whichever ones make the cut get crammed in with my clothes, and one gets put in my travel bag. Some trips are easier than others when it comes to that solution, but somehow the books all make it there, and without a scratch or bent page. Don’t ask me how that happens.

Without telling me switch to e-readers or audiobooks, what kinds of solutions have you found for taking your trusted book on the go? Let me know in the comments below!

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