Empire of Gold by S.A. Chakraborty {Book Review}

I was introduced to the Daevabad Trilogy by Instagram/Chance, and it is perhaps one of my favorite books I’ve stumbled upon with that app. I loved City of Brass so much that I am still sad it had to be left behind after sand/water damage left it in really bad condition, and while Kingdom of Copper remains unscathed it continued my love for the series. To begin this book review, let’s just say Empire of Gold was a big part of my anticipated 2020 reads list. Since this is the finale to the trilogy there will be spoilers ahead, just a warning.


Empire of Gold is the third and final book in the Daevabad Trilogy picking up as the city is sacked and Nahri and Ali have fled. Having safely escaped the two find refuge in Nahri’s old home, Cairo, but soon struggle with the concept of all they left behind. Meanwhile, Manizheh has taken Daevabad, but now she and Dara must figure out how to piece together a broken city and its people. All our favorite characters return to the fight for Daevabad and all Djinn continues.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

I don’t think I can stop saying how well written and fleshed out this series is. I feel like going into a final book is a both exhilarating, sad, and terrifying thing all at once. The finding out of how it all ends is of course exciting. The fact that this is it is just heartbreaking. Lastly, the fear that this could end badly is scary in itself. Thankfully, this book was one heck of a finale. It started right off where Kingdom of Copper ended, and it didn’t start slow at all. While we are not immediately thrown into the fray, Chakraborty does a tremendous job of creating tension and getting reader interest. The tension and drama itself could honestly carry the story it is that amazing. I guess this is my way of saying this finale didn’t disappoint as well, a final book.

One of the big highlights of this book though, as much as the other books, if not more so, are the characters. I think the series was as good as it’s been thanks to the characters and the setting. The finale is often a make or break moment for characters as they make their final choices/actions. Empire of Gold pulls Nahri back to the one place she has been so eager to return to, and it instantly creates a moment where we either get to see her growth or her escape into a long gone past, and that is at the very front of the book. This book was almost entirely about the characters, and either their growth or lack thereof leading up. I was on edge of my seat throughout this novel, and flipping those pages as fast as I could.

As much as this book was about the characters this time around, Chakraborty still made the setting shine. From the ruins of Daevabad to Nahri’s and Ali’s adventures the setting is built up so easily in her writing, all without losing even a little of the momentum from the action and drama. To top it all off, we are still learning about the world of the djinn even in this last book and exploiting it. She clearly could keep writing books in this world and we still wouldn’t know everything there is to know, it’s just that expansive.

All in all, this book was everything I needed it to be as a finale. It did justice to each of the characters, gave us more of the world building, and kept me glued even though it’s a big book. I’m definitely going to miss this series, but I am so glad I stumbled upon it, and got to love it as much as I have! Have you read Empire of Gold? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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