New Year, New Organization

We are starting a new year, but in order to make this year go a little more smoothly than the last I knew I would need some serious organization. While I was finishing up my reading for 2020 I decided to start looking into new ways to not only schedule out my content, but write, and brainstorm as well. It’s not a crazy complicated process by any means, but maybe some of you have also played with this setup, or are thinking about changing up your own!

Change 1: My Planner

Pictured above, I went back to the Fully Booked planner by Little Inklings Design, which seems to have the best setup for tracking reading, but also still have the space to schedule out blog posts and social media posts alike. Currently, I’m just focusing on Instagram and the Blog, so I have them highlighted by color to better plot out posts and spread things out. Eventually, I’ll start to schedule posts through Hootsuite for Instagram, but I’m waiting to see if the issues I had before were fixed or if it was just me anyway, so for now it’s the planner keeping me straight. Overall, judging by January so far it feels like the planner is helping me to track things better, and keep up with the quantity of posts I’ve started to do. I’ll try to do a check-in midway in the year to see if that still is true then, but for now I’m thinking further ahead than I used to.

Change 2: Posts Journal

Currently just a Kokuyo Campus notebook, I’ve been trying to write out my blog posts ahead of time. Somehow when I just type out my posts on the computer I tend to be less in detail, but less put together in general, as well as just questioning if I got everything. This will be more as I get to a point where I’m ahead, but I’m actually excited to start writing out my posts again and really draft out posts like I used to. Not a huge change, but I’m hoping a change that brings huge difference as I merge it with goals like reading bigger books, or reading more deeply.

Change 3: Series Brainstorming

This might be a surprise, but while I went and wrote up an extensive list for the Recommendation or Lowdown series I’m almost at the end of those original ideas I’d put together. To combat running out of ideas I’ve started a section of my journal to brainstorm new post ideas, but also new posts series like this one where I go into Book Blog Life related concepts. So far it’s been a game changer as I’ve been adding little by little to each list, and figuring out what I’ve done, and in some cases what could be done better. This isn’t something I can necessarily show, but we’ll all know it’s helping as the blog continues to grow, and continues to exist.

These aren’t big changes really, but altogether it feels like I’m finally hitting a stride I needed. I don’t necessarily struggle with running the blog, but some months leave me with extra stress as I realize how little I had prepared. All in all, I’m ready to be more ahead, and by planning out more be able to take on more eventually as well. What are some of the things you are doing to read more or improve your time management in the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

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