March Wrap-Up

March started out really well with me finishing up A Court of Silver Flames and then inhaling Chain of Iron once it arrived on my doorstep, but then I found myself getting caught up in so many other hobbies that reading didn’t happen. I’ve been currently reading ‘Into the Heartless Wood’ for over a month now, but I promise it’s not the book’s fault, just my own. I think tax season and life in general got to me again, so it’s been relaxing to just play games or watch tv versus pick up a book, and I am working hard on fixing this thinking. For now, here are the books I’ve read or are currently reading from March.

-Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare

-Into the Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer (Current Read)

These kinds of months do happen, so I’m not stressing too much, nor should anyone feel like they are bad for ever not reading. I think overall I’m just annoyed with myself since I wanted to get a lot more done, and this definitely was a month of being in a funk mood wise. How did your March reading go? How was your first quarter of the year? Let me know in the comments below!


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