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In my last couple of posts I touched a little on the fact that I had essentially disappeared from the online world for a while. A lot of it had to do with my mental energy just being at a real low point for once, but overall I think I just needed a break and refused to let it happen until it just did. It’s definitely pointed out one of the issues I’ve had for a while now, which is organization/scheduling and planning further in advance. As in, I tried to, but never actually got too far ahead of myself. So I’m back, what now? Well, it’s still a bit of a soft start since I’m still shaking off some of that tired energy, but there’s also a plan and sometimes that just seems to be half the battle.

To begin with, I’m managing my expectations and pressuring myself a lot less to read. I really got into web comics several months ago and they have been my main entertainment before bed for a bit, but they also don’t count towards my reading challenge. That’s not to say I’ll stop reading them, but maybe lessen it and try reading a book for 30 minutes at least to balance it out. There are also two other pursuits I’m trying to balance into my life while keeping reading prevalent; Art and Bullet Journaling. Art is probably the bigger one right now, since the journal hasn’t quite begun, but it means figuring out how to juggle that with work and reading so balance is really key. Overall, the plan is to simply pressure myself less, and start setting obtainable goals that don’t leave me with stress. I’ll likely start working stationery and journaling into the blog as I get going, but most of this was to say that I am back, and I plan to stay!


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