Goodreads Challenge 2022

We are starting a new year, and I’m actually pretty happy about it. 2021 wasn’t a very successful year for reading, so I’m hoping/working at reading a lot more this year. That won’t necessarily translate into a lot of books, but time spent reading since there are a lot of larger books on my tbr for this year. This post will be short since most of it is establishing the goal I want to reach this year, which is 30 books. It’s a soft goal for once since I’m wanting to read some longer books, and still planning to do art (which is one reason I read less).

  • Read 30 Books
  • Read more Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Read more in general
  • Put less pressure on myself, but also be more productive
  • Find a balance in my art / Reading time

What plans do you have for the year? What goals are you setting? Let me know in the comments below!


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