A Hiatus

I really debated on whether or not this should happen, but as another month went by and I was not only not creating blog content but also not reading I knew I needed something to change. Somewhere along getting used to the new job, working hard on my art, and all the other bits of life the blog became another “thing” to do versus something I was able to craft and truly work on. It lost a little of the fun and excitement it had had in the past years, and definitely the ease that was there pre-pandemic. I’m hoping this is just a break to fall back in love with reading for fun, but I’m planning to take this one week and one month at a time until I truly feel like I know what I want and what might be best. I hate to repeat what we’ve all heard in every hiatus/pause post or video, but I unfortunately need a mental health break at least from the pressure I put on myself for the blog. I hope everyone is having fun reading, and I’m going to hope for a fun return when I feel more like a reader again. Thank you all for being such great readers!


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