My Fantasy Romance Picks

When I first thought of this recommendation idea I really thought I could come up with more than five books/series, but what I've realized is that a lot of the books in this category have a hard time striking a balance. Either we have a priority just to Fantasy, or it's a romance that just... Continue Reading →

YA Retellings; Known Stories Retold

There are a lot of retellings, especially in the young adult category, a hard of these, covering a wide variety of stories that we've all known. There are, of course, good ones and not so good, but for today let's focus on my personal favorites. Warning, since this list does cover plot, there could be... Continue Reading →

Trilogies Worth Binge Reading

Hello, and welcome to another new series on the blog!  It isn't necessarily the first recommendation post I've ever done, in fact I've done a Trilogies list before, but that was years ago, and with so many books read since then it was definitely worth revisiting.  The only unfortunate thing is that there are a... Continue Reading →

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