Vacation Picks

We are finally hitting the summer months, and with that months that I look forward to when it comes to reading in particular. Given the different personalities even in my own family I know there are some who enjoy just sitting by the pool or on the beach reading, and there are those who have... Continue Reading →

Magical Reads

Without going straight into the usual Harry Potter picks, there are a number of books every year coming out that either have an element of magic in their stories or focus entirely on magic. Some can be dark, others feel like stepping into a second home, but all bring magic to life. I will say... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Time Travel Novels

This one is definitely a niche when it comes to my shelves. When you think of books with time travel there are a definite few that come to mind, but a solid list of five was pretty hard. I had to go all the way back to when I first got on goodreads! So what... Continue Reading →

January TBR

We are off on another year! It's a time of happiness/excitement and a time of groaning as we take in the number of things we didn't achieve the last year. I almost met my challenge of reviewing every book I read, but was beaten by a series I thought I had reviewed (big fail), so... Continue Reading →

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