The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White {Book Review}

I can't believe I've already gotten the second book to this series and read it. When I found The Guinevere Deception last year, and went nuts over it I was dreaming of this point in time. Now? Now, I want to skip to September when I'm pretty sure we all know I'll just preorder finally.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Organization

We are starting a new year, but in order to make this year go a little more smoothly than the last I knew I would need some serious organization. While I was finishing up my reading for 2020 I decided to start looking into new ways to not only schedule out my content, but write,... Continue Reading →

The Goodreads Challenge – 2021

2020 was an interesting year for reading, so the goals that were set during that year sort of were met, but the reading slumps I hit made things difficult. Going into 2021 I'm not planning to set as big a goal for reading since this year brings a different version of reading for me. For... Continue Reading →

Top 5 2020 Reads

Last week I gave you my top 2020 releases that I read this year, but now here comes the overall top picks of my year. Some of these are repeats from the last list, but altogether I feel like this list had some strong competition from both new releases and books I finally picked up!... Continue Reading →

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