Caraval Series by Stephanie Garber {Series Review}

It feels like the list was already endless for books and series I'm behind on, but I'm slowly learning there is always more. I literally just added five more books this week to my "Books I Want" list, it's only going downhill from here. Caraval, the series, not just book one was one item on... Continue Reading →

November Wrap-Up

Going into this month I did really well, starting with binge reading the Caraval series, and then I decided to paint a bookshelf and a room. Following that was Thanksgiving, which was cooking and baking, and the rest I think you can figure out. A great month, but not as much for my reading goals.... Continue Reading →

November TBR

I feel like the last week or so of October I finally hit my stride and read some great books. The good news with that? Well beyond reading two or three books right at the end it made me want to pick up a series to binge read this month! Hopefully that means good things... Continue Reading →

August Read

This month actually turned out to be a decent month for reading, mainly since I hurt my thumb and holding a book is infinitely easier than holding a pencil/pen for long periods of time. I'm hoping as I get better I balance everything out so blog, art, and my business all get the proper attention/organization... Continue Reading →

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