Duologies to Keep You Reading

One of my favorite types of series are duologies, it's also the one that does not exist in autocorrect, so not my computer's favorite. These mini series are just long enough to go deep into character and world building, but short enough that if you jump on from the beginning it isn't absolute torture waiting.... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge 2020

We've closed out 2019 successfully and are now off to a new year! So what does that mean for me in Goodreads world? Hopefully achieving another year of good reading! Given how busy last year was and the big things coming this year I'm thinking a soft number of 50 books would be a good... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Ships / Couples

For a second time I'm bringing up this list of my favorite book couples of all time. ┬áThis time I'm making the list a bit longer so I can put in as many of my favorites as possible. ┬áThese aren't the end all, say all of book couples, but they are my all-time favorites as... Continue Reading →

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