February Wrap-Up

February was a really good month, though slightly off the track I had originally thought I would take. It kind of made me laugh that I happened to pick up Half-Blood randomly (didn't even have the whole series) and got immersed in that. I'm definitely not mad since it meant I actually read, and quit... Continue Reading →

November Wrap-Up

November was a mix of doing pretty well reading wise, while still not quite hitting the numbers I was really hoping for. Part of it is trying to make up for the low numbers from earlier in the year, but I'm slowly coming to the conclusion/moment where I know I just won't hit anywhere near... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up

July was my escape from the real-world if only for a little bit with vacation, and while I didn't read a huge stack of books, I had a great time relaxing and really enjoyed the books I did read! I think the Bone Shard Daughter in particular was a surprisingly captivating read, so I'm really... Continue Reading →

March Wrap-Up

March started out really well with me finishing up A Court of Silver Flames and then inhaling Chain of Iron once it arrived on my doorstep, but then I found myself getting caught up in so many other hobbies that reading didn't happen. I've been currently reading 'Into the Heartless Wood' for over a month... Continue Reading →

February Wrap-Up

February started off strong as I finished up the last available book in the Blood and Ash series, though I did slow down a little when I read Silvered Serpents. Overall, this wasn't too bad a month for reading, just hoping I can really hit it out of the ballpark in March. A Kingdom of... Continue Reading →

June Read

This month was the first in a two month reading challenge, all focused on getting me reading and the challenge back up to speed. While I did okay in comparison to some earlier months this year, it wasn't quite what I had planned, so hoping I can push myself to read a lot more in... Continue Reading →

June TBR

May was a really great month, at least at the end when I just went and binge reread the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black. It was a moment I needed, and greatly appreciated with my weird reading slumps. I'm still getting used to working from home with my business, and it is... Continue Reading →

March TBR

Since I ordered special edition boxes for my top 3 anticipated release I feel like I've done myself a solid and an uh oh. Yay since I'll get really awesome editions, uh oh since there's no telling when they will drop on my doorstep. Did I mention one has already warned of being late due... Continue Reading →

February Read

Somehow I'm still continuing my slow start for 2020, this time it's sinus pressure keeping me from reading lol. I did manage to read two books and work on the blog posts at the very least so not a huge loss, but maybe March will be my month of triumph? A Dangerous Alliance by Jennieke... Continue Reading →

February TBR

January wasn't my greatest month in a while, it's been a mix of mood reading killing the drive, and life just being a little all over the place. February is a short month, even with the leap year, but here's to hoping I can get my struggles worked out this time. There are also some... Continue Reading →

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