Goodreads Challenge 2022

We are starting a new year, and I'm actually pretty happy about it. 2021 wasn't a very successful year for reading, so I'm hoping/working at reading a lot more this year. That won't necessarily translate into a lot of books, but time spent reading since there are a lot of larger books on my tbr... Continue Reading →

Reading Check-in

I started this year with the hope that I would be better at reading than the last year. I even thought that 45 books was a decent goal to be setting, easily achievable. Unfortunately, things change, especially in the current state of things, so I've already tweaked my reading challenge goal to 30 books for... Continue Reading →

The Goodreads Challenge – 2021

2020 was an interesting year for reading, so the goals that were set during that year sort of were met, but the reading slumps I hit made things difficult. Going into 2021 I'm not planning to set as big a goal for reading since this year brings a different version of reading for me. For... Continue Reading →

End of Year Survey

I am definitely late to the party on this one, given this is the 11th year the Perpetual Page Turner blog is hosting this, but given the year and the reading I've done I thought it would be fun to run through this survey! If you want to join the fun, or are curious about... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown On… Reading Slumps

I would love to say I've never had to deal with a reading slump, or an utter lack of reading, but that would be a huge lie. Whether it's been thanks to a busy schedule, binge watching on Netflix, or just an absence in motivation we all eventually fall prey to a slump. Oddly enough,... Continue Reading →

July Read

When I set off for this month, it was with the goal of meeting a reading challenge, which didn't really go to plan. I still read a lot more than I have been each month this year, but not quite the goal I had set back in June. Over the two months I ended up... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge 2020

We've closed out 2019 successfully and are now off to a new year! So what does that mean for me in Goodreads world? Hopefully achieving another year of good reading! Given how busy last year was and the big things coming this year I'm thinking a soft number of 50 books would be a good... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge Closeout 2019

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Or that we are about to embark on another! While 2020 feels like it snuck up on us, 2019 was a really good year for reading (even if December ended up keeping me from really reading), making this post feel good instead of like ratting... Continue Reading →

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