Reading and Blog Goals for 2022

2021 was a bit of a messy year for me in terms of reading and focus. I had some really good moments/memories like going on a road trip with my best friend and getting back into art. Reading though was a real challenge for me mentally and definitely not a struggle I want to continue... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Challenge 2022

We are starting a new year, and I'm actually pretty happy about it. 2021 wasn't a very successful year for reading, so I'm hoping/working at reading a lot more this year. That won't necessarily translate into a lot of books, but time spent reading since there are a lot of larger books on my tbr... Continue Reading →

February TBR

January wasn't my greatest month in a while, it's been a mix of mood reading killing the drive, and life just being a little all over the place. February is a short month, even with the leap year, but here's to hoping I can get my struggles worked out this time. There are also some... Continue Reading →

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