Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare {Book Review}

I can't believe we are already on another one of my anticipated reads for the year! When I made that list, I had not idea that three of five books on the list would release on the same date, though I also didn't know that each would be delayed either. I guess in some way,... Continue Reading →

Duologies to Keep You Reading

One of my favorite types of series are duologies, it's also the one that does not exist in autocorrect, so not my computer's favorite. These mini series are just long enough to go deep into character and world building, but short enough that if you jump on from the beginning it isn't absolute torture waiting.... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on: Reviewing on the Go

We all have times where we aren't able to devote hours upon hours to planning or building a several page review. Between life, and reading the books that are showcased on the blog, we all hit a point where we have to double time it! Sometimes it's a good day knocking out multiple posts alongside... Continue Reading →

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