Vacation Picks

We are finally hitting the summer months, and with that months that I look forward to when it comes to reading in particular. Given the different personalities even in my own family I know there are some who enjoy just sitting by the pool or on the beach reading, and there are those who have... Continue Reading →

Favorite Fictional Couples

We all have read books with romance and a couple that makes the entire series, and with it being February I thought I'd share a few of my favorite fictional couples. Since it is going into couples from some pretty well-known series, there will be spoilers ahead. Will & Tessa (or any other couple from... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Book Tag

I am definitely late to the party on this one, but with Thanksgiving being here it felt right to go through this book tag and select my picks for the different thanksgiving food themed prompts! The original book tag was created by @Fangirlscity (Click link for original video). Bread - What Book is purely fluff,... Continue Reading →

Books Read in July

I'm a little blown away by how this month of reading went, yes I was on vacation and able to read without interruption, but it tried to end on an ugh moment as I went through two books that ended up being did not finishes.  The saving grace came in the form of the Stalking... Continue Reading →

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