Books I’m Thankful For

Around Thanksgiving I usually do a book recommendations I'm thankful for post, but this year I thought I'd mix it up. This isn't truly Thanksgiving as we now start the big Christmas shopping season and start putting up decorations officially, but it's still a season to be thankful for books and the ways they impact... Continue Reading →

Fairyloot March: Break the Curse Box

Let's start this one out by saying there will be spoilers ahead for the box. If you are still waiting on your March box to arrive and are worried about knowing what's in it beforehand, please stop reading this post now. Now that that message has been given, let's get into this fun and exciting... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Ships / Couples

For a second time I'm bringing up this list of my favorite book couples of all time. ┬áThis time I'm making the list a bit longer so I can put in as many of my favorites as possible. ┬áThese aren't the end all, say all of book couples, but they are my all-time favorites as... Continue Reading →

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