Precious Stone Series by Kerstin Gier {Series Reread Review}

I’ve done a few rereads of series this year, which I need to repeat I honestly don’t typically do, but I guess I needed some nostalgia from known stories given the year. This one interestingly I actually haven’t read in a years, so this whole experience was definitely testing whether the book stands the test... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Time Travel Novels

This one is definitely a niche when it comes to my shelves. When you think of books with time travel there are a definite few that come to mind, but a solid list of five was pretty hard. I had to go all the way back to when I first got on goodreads! So what... Continue Reading →

Books Fit for Fall

This is a little different than what we did this time last year. Instead of the Fall Book Tag this will be my top 5 books that make me think of or are perfect for fall. So this won't be based on book cover colors or characters, but the overall plot and setting of a... Continue Reading →

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