Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean {Book Review}

Spring and Summer always puts me in a contemporary romance mood similar to how I read more fantasy come fall. I've always been a mood reader, but seasons impact that just as much as anything else! I think this book in particular had been one I found when building my anticipated releases of 2021 list,... Continue Reading →

Anna K by Jenny Lee {Book Review}

Occasionally, I find myself looking for books outside the Fantasy/YA Fantasy categories, and often I'd say Romance/Contemporary books are a good avenue for this. I picked up Anna K after reading the summary online, and thinking this sounded fun. While the experience wasn't quite what I thought I'd be in for, I had a few... Continue Reading →

January TBR

We are off on another year! It's a time of happiness/excitement and a time of groaning as we take in the number of things we didn't achieve the last year. I almost met my challenge of reviewing every book I read, but was beaten by a series I thought I had reviewed (big fail), so... Continue Reading →

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