The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater {Book Review}

If you've been following my blog you might know that stand alone are a struggle for me to find, but have created a sort of quest as well (kind of like a holy grail). When it comes to the types of books I read, there generally are a lot more series than there are novels,... Continue Reading →

Duologies to Keep You Reading

One of my favorite types of series are duologies, it's also the one that does not exist in autocorrect, so not my computer's favorite. These mini series are just long enough to go deep into character and world building, but short enough that if you jump on from the beginning it isn't absolute torture waiting.... Continue Reading →

January TBR

We are off on another year! It's a time of happiness/excitement and a time of groaning as we take in the number of things we didn't achieve the last year. I almost met my challenge of reviewing every book I read, but was beaten by a series I thought I had reviewed (big fail), so... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on: Tackling TBRs

TBR's, otherwise known as 'to be read', or that pile of books that only seems to grow, is a common term and worry in the book community. With so many books releasing each year, and hype driving us to the stores in droves it's hard to imagine a time when the TBR pile didn't make... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown on…DNF

This marks the start of a new series of posts I'll be doing monthly, based on a host of topics that come up on bookish discussion boards. I'm not really the end all say all on these topics, but it felt like a great starting point for tackling some of the issues or questions that... Continue Reading →

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