Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare {Book Review}

I feel like Cassandra Clare books are always a highlight of my year in terms of reading. They are a mix of major anticipation, crazy emotions, and never ending nostalgia. I know there will be a day when we won't have more books in the Shadowhunters' universe, but for now I'm always excited for a... Continue Reading →

Cozy Christmas Tag

We are coming up on another holiday, and it felt like a good time to do another book tag! This one is the Cozy Christmas tag by callmeaftercoffee on YouTube! Whether you celebrate Christmas, or the other many holidays I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season. Twinkling Lights - what is the... Continue Reading →

Fairyloot March: Break the Curse Box

Let's start this one out by saying there will be spoilers ahead for the box. If you are still waiting on your March box to arrive and are worried about knowing what's in it beforehand, please stop reading this post now. Now that that message has been given, let's get into this fun and exciting... Continue Reading →

Top 5 2020 Anticipated Releases

We are starting another fabulous year, and with that comes scores of new books! There's something fun and exciting about looking at the year's lineup of books and discovering which ones you can't wait to buy! The below top 5 are already being planned to preorder, or preordered, so I'm apparently really pumped this year!... Continue Reading →

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