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The reading community is filled with questions and opportunities to discuss and discuss some more.  There are a lot of burning questions that seem to pop up more than others, and while I’m not the master of all answers I thought I would take a stab at some of the questions out there.  Check out the posts below and see if one of your questions might have been answered!  Also be sure to keep an eye out monthly for new posts!

DNF (Did Not Finish) Books

Mood Readers

Tackling TBRs

The Online Book Community 

Handling Book Buying with a Book Obsession

Harsh Reviews vs. Nice Reviews

Judging a Book by Its Cover 

Reviewing on the Go 

Balancing Books, Work & Life

Reading Classics

Genres, Age Groups & Classifying Books

Traveling with Books

Reading Slumps

Overhyped Books

Consumerism in the Book Community

A Bookish End of the Year

Reading Challenges; Good or Bad?

Romance in Other Genres

Goodreads Reviews

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