Valentine’s Day Book Tag

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and while I’m still in my house doing mostly the same stuff I figured it would be fun to do another book tag. This one is originally by @littlebookowl on YouTube.

  • Favorite Basic Romance Plot
    • Friends to Lovers, but Enemies to Lovers is a close second. Honestly, both are hard to put down when they’re really good.
  • Favorite Classic Romance
    • Pride and Prejudice (About the only one I’ve read), while it’s a little slower than most of the books I’ve read I lived for those moments between Darcy and Elizabeth.
  • Favorite Feel good romance?
    • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. This one started out in one of the strangest ways possible, but this couple is still one of my favorites from their books so far.
  • Favorite Sad Romance?
    • Will and Tessa, that one had me sad books 2-3 honestly. One of my all time favorite couples, but most of the time you are watching Will just in pain and misery.
  • Favorite genre to add Romance to?
    • Fantasy, there’s nothing like a magical world, mystical dangers, and a good romance in the midst of all that.
  • Least favorite romance of all time?
    • Romeo and Juliet. This one is partly a victim of being forced to read it in high school, but it follows
  • Favorite Literary Couple in general
    • Right now it’s a tie between Poppy/Hawke, and James/Cordelia, though both have me waiting on the next book to see what happens, so I could be in for some torture.
  • If you could have one literary significant other, who would it be?
    • Will Herondale, who else?
  • Do you have a special someone this vday?
    • Nope, and that’s okay.
  • Favorite vday candy?
    • Ferrero Rochet, those little chocolate candies with hazelnut centers are just amazing.
  • Will you wear red, white, pink, or none on the above vday?
    • Can’t say, some years I’ve thought about that, but most times I just treat it like any other day clothing wise.
  • Favorite Romance Movie:
    • The Holiday (It’s also my favorite movie to watch around Christmas!). My favorite couple is the Cameron Diaz and Jude Law one, though the snow even on screen makes me feel cold at times.
  • Favorite love song(s)
    • Currently ‘Still Falling For You’ by Ellie Goulding
  • Favorite thing about vday
    • My loved ones, they make any holiday great no matter what.
  • Least favorite thing about vday?
    • The pressure it puts on people, I’ve seen the last minute rush to get the perfect gift and its scary, though that also happens most holidays (anyone seen the flower rush on Mother’s Day?).
  • What are you doing this vday?
    • This one is funny since 2020/21, I will be home working and then likely reading some more. Hopefully a book with some romance so it will reflect the day.

What are your plans for this holiday? What books are you planning on reading this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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