Figuring Out My Blog and Creative Content

One could call this post by a lot of different names, and all would likely be accurate. I almost could call it, ‘Figuring out my Hobbies’, ‘Hobby, Life Balance’, or ‘How I’ll Balance all my Creative Pursuits’, you get the gist. There are a lot of things I’ve loved to do over the years, but living life often means setting priorities, so I’ve often run into a lack of time when it comes to my more creative hobbies. A year plus spent in quarantine though has given me a chance to not only look back on the things that have given me joy, but to in a way, re-pursue them. During my time at home I’ve learned way too much about indoor plants, re-ignited my artistic drive, read & blogged, and thought about bullet journaling. All of these activities bring happiness, but add in a commute, the typical job hours, and actual social activities and you have an interesting mess of things. So do I abandon everything I’ve started?

I don’t want to, and honestly I don’t plan to. Each one has helped me work through the stress making me clench my teeth at night, or the normal worries that plague us we all move out of our homebound lives. The plants have given me excitement and surprise as I manage to not only keep things alive, but thriving. The art is like bringing back my creative side that I’ve felt like I’ve been losing since being inside more than out. The bullet journal has been in research mode more so than actual doing, but I’m really hoping to set something up that will keep me on point instead of my forgetful or meandering nature of late. The blog and reading? During my period of feeling kind of lost I’ll admit my usual favorites got hit quite a bit, but I still love them and am slowly getting back to having them front and center. Reading I’m working on doing a little bit each day to build up the habit again. It’s sort of working so far, but there are definitely days where I check it off my list and others where I guiltily abandon it. I also still have a hard time trading the web toons for a book, but that’s an ongoing battle.

So, I want to keep all my hobbies, is that a recipe for disaster? Maybe, but some of them I plan to align so that they all help one another get accomplished. For one thing, the blog will slowly start to include not just my love of reading, but stationery, and my exploration of bullet journaling. Instagram is a split of two accounts, one will solely be focused on art, and my main will showcase books, plants, stationery, and glimpses at my life. I think the best way to put it is that they are all bits of my personality, so why not share them? You may even get to see the two cats that have been glued to my side since I began working from home. I’m excited to get going on all this possible new content, and explore all the sides of my identity that each of these hobbies has revealed.

What hobbies did you start during quarantine? Which ones are you thinking of continuing after? Let me know in the comments below!


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