My 2019 Reading Planner; Plotting out my Reading like a Writer

Before I even start a new year I’m already thinking of how I’m going to organize for the next one, with life seeming to get crazier the end of a year makes you wonder how you can strive to keep the next one more under control.  Last year I stumbled upon pictures of this amazing planner that is put together specifically with readers in mind.  It comes chock full of pages with wishlists, monthly tbr, calendars laid out for bloggers, and even a challenge included!  She only has them in stock at the end of the year when she takes orders, but if you want something smaller she does have a smaller version on sale throughout the year at:


Above: the front cover, which is a riot of beautiful colors!


Above: one of the many book related quote pages that are laid out between months.


Above: Yearly TBR List ; I’ve already started filling in all the books I got for Christmas and a few that have been left over from last year’s big reading challenge.  There are so many pages, I don’t think my tbr is big enough to take up all the room.


Above: The wishlist pages (sorry picture cut off the header), I can finally start pulling all the books I have listed on my amazon wishlists.


Above: The Daily part of the planner.img_3466

Above: The Quotes pages, I’ve been bad about filling these out, but that’s one of the big goals for the week to fill out some for Queen of Air, and maybe even the Heir and the Spare, and Wicked King of course!


Above: The Monthly calendar perfect for figuring out how to plan my posts!  The big goal is to hit 5-6 posts a month, so this will hopefully help keep me planning!!


How are you guys planning to tackle your year of books?  I think this year is one of the few I feel like the planner will actually be what I need to ensure that I am keeping up with my reading and reviewing.  We’ll see if that’s the case when the year ends, but for now I am beyond optimistic.


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